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The house leading European betting market, Betfair has also delighted us with one of the most fascinating poker rooms around the online gaming industry. As operator based in Malta and founded in 1999, Betfair Group PLC could be licensed as a provider of Internet gaming in Spain just after the approval of Law 13/2011 of 27 May by which activities are regulated gaming market in the country under the authority of the General Directorate for the Game (DGOJ).

Betfair leads the route in terms of online betting advancement. Betfair reformed internet wagering when it turned into the first online bookmaker to present a player-to-player sports trade system. They’re currently bringing such optimization as an online clubhouse for sports betting. Also, it has included gambling club diversions with its betting and allow players to bet on different punters, as opposed to basic gambling sites.

Quick, exciting and full of surprises- you’ll discover all sorts of sports amusements. Betfair Casino is one of those companies that inspires confidence from the start. It is considered one of the leading online gambling companies in the world. The company, based in the UK, was released in 2000 and listed on the London Stock Exchange. Betfair Casino debuted in 2005 Betfair Casino customers can play fast on a Flash casino.

Betfair Casino also was one of the companies that successfully applied for a so-called “general license game.” This license allows licensees to offer online casino games in the Spanish market. The Spanish regulator bets National Gaming Commission granted Betfair a general game license ‘in December 2011.


Betfair Casino uses software from Playtech online casino, renowned for the ease with which you can use. The online casino fans praising the simple and easy to use interface that has Betfair Casino.

Games variety

The BetFair house has an excellent catalog of games that cross all sectors of the online market, either with his famed sports betting or gambling rooms casino poker, taking it to get the Queen’s Awards for UK companies in the categories of Innovation in 2003, and International Trade in 2008 in our country, BetFair has been one of the main promoters of national football, highlighting its role as sponsor of FC Barcelona.

Betfair was founded in 1999 and has become the home of exchanging largest and most important in the world of sports betting bets. Betfair is a house which gets no fees unless that put its users and ensures that operations are carried out taking 5% of the player’s winnings for making intermediary.

Betfair is a betting website online player to player. No well bookmakers best bets and involved to obtain higher payments. Which is very important if we play to what we really want, earn easy money. Bettors have the ability to create their own bets and can choose to back (back) or against (lay) the result. Something that is becoming more popular, as it is easier to know what happens surely NOT what happens.

Sports offered by betfair

Football (League, World Cup, Champions,.), Basketball, Baseball, Bridge, Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, Cycling, Cricket, Darts, Football, Australian Football, Golf, Hockey, Motor, Netball, Motor, Ball , Fishing, Volleyball, Politics, Rugby, Tennis, basically Imagine a sport to bet and sure they have it. It is a variety that makes reference in the sports books also promotions makes it a good home where betting, because with just a little logic, you have extra money insured, and also if you take advantage of any promotions here in the form of banner stand, the gain can be multiplied while minimizing risk.

Bonuses and promos

One of the strengths that places betfair between large is the large number of transmissions, this gives you the opportunity to bet as the action unfolds. It also has the mobile application and many matches live, so, now you can also follow your favorite sports on the iPhone, iPad or Android. Some great points to mention:

  • Betfair gives you a free bet to the same value of your first bet made, up to 50 euros.
  • The free bet will be effective 24 hours of placing your first bet.
  • The free bet must meet the minimum requirement of 1.2 or higher fee.

Bank Payments

Payment methods in BetFair Poker Room has the support of the best institutions in electronic trading on the international market. Affiliates can make their movements by credit card / Visa, MasterCard, and Visa Electron debit and bank transfers through; include major payment options ecommerce market with such prestigious companies as PayPal, Moneybookers, Neteller or Click & Buy.

Betfair charges its commission on net profits in the market. If you have a net loss in the market do not have to pay commission. The fee is calculated by multiplying your net winnings by the Market Base Rate (Market Base Rate, MBR). Yet, they can earn discounts to reduce this rate by betting more. The discount, or discount rate, is determined by the number of Betfair Points the user has accumulated in your account.

Customer Service

Their customer service is among the best, Betfair enjoys good reputation for its excellent service. The same applies to Betfair Casino. The support staff is Spanish speaking available at all times, 24/7.

Customer service in Betfair has a fast response time. The Web also has a detailed guide “Frequently Asked Questions” to help newcomers unfamiliar with Exchange houses. It is definitely an interesting site for those who want to spend a while adrenaline sports betting. All games are available in play for fun mode without signing, so you can play for free your favorite casino game, so familiarize yourself with the rules of each game and software to avoid losing money due to ignorance.

The site is good, support is hard to beat, this casino promotions are a safe bet if you are looking for extra money, or free bonuses. No doubt and considering the points highlighted above, as seriousness and reliability, the large issue of live events, good service and security in their transactions, which they add the offer at very competitive fees and lot sports in which to bet. So, betfair is emerging as one of our favorite betting before and during the event.

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