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cricket betting tipsThousands of the games are played around us. But cricket is the most popular game now a day. It is played in every country between the people of different age group. There are total 22 players on the pitch of cricket. Cricket is a bat and ball game which is played between the two games. There are eleven players in each team of the cricket. Sports betting cricket are not supported by any organization

Cricket was firstly played in England in the 16th century. It was developed during the 18th century as a national sport of the England. As the British empires expand overseas so that the cricket introduced in those countries. During the 19th century first match was introduced between two countries. That was the first international match. ICC governed the match for 10 members of the team. Most popular countries in which the game is popular are West Indies, Southern Africa, Australia, England and some Indian Subcontinents.

Cricket field is called as pitch which is a rectangular area with a length of 22 yard. There is a toss before the match to decide the turn of batting. Each team got their turn of batting one by one. Batting time is the time when the team have chance to score runs. Other team is on the field try to stop the other team. Sports betting cricket are also an occupation for brokers and many pokers.

Each turn of batting by the second team is known as innings. The bowler delivers the ball to the player who is there to attempt the ball. That player is known as batsman. The fielder is there to score a run with bat to run at the other end of the pitch. Batsman can play this sport until he got out.

If ten batsman of the batting team got out then scoring time is over for the team. There are specified number of over to play the game and turn of batting. Team should have to make runs in the specified over. Each over have six balls which have been bowled during the batting. The time when the batting team got switch roles then the fielding team comes for their batting turn. There are twenty over generally in a match for per side. Test cricket are often has 20 over but championships, leagues and world cup matches have different number of over. There are many different councils or organizations for the cricket which take care of the laws and rules in the International Cricket and also work for their welfare.

International Cricket Council and Marylebone Cricket Club are such organizations to maintain the additional standard of the cricket. They maintain the schedules of matches of one day cricket, leagues, world cups, test matches etc.

Runs are scored by different techniques by hitting the ball, running, etc. other players on pitch try to stop the ball to touch the run line. There are many positions and tricks which are used by the players during their duty. The main objective during the whole game is to score more runs than the opposite team by the restriction techniques. Individual and players may be punished in case of sports betting cricket.

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