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handball betting tipsHandball is the team game and also has different names as team handball, European team handball, Olympic handball, Borden ball or European handball. There are two teams and has seven players in each team. Six are the outfield players and seven one is the goalkeeper of the team. This is the pass and throw game in which player should have to pass the ball to the member of their team and have to make goals. Standard time of the game is 60 minutes. There are two periods in the game. Each period have 30 minutes to score the goals and to win the game. Sports betting handball is also happened in many championships.

There is a unique dimension of the playground of the handball. This is a court of 40 by 20 meters or 131 by 66 ft. goal is located in the center of the playing court. Goal is surrounded by a zone of 6 meters in which only defending goalkeeper is allowed to enter. Goal is scored only by the throwing of ball from the outside of the defending zone. You can also make goals by jumping into the zone but if you enter into the zone then this will be a foul.

The sport is usually a indoor game but there are different types of handball played so sometimes it may be played as outdoor too. Like sandball is played on the beaches and it is also a sport of handball. Sandball is also known as the beach handball. Defenders of the game try to stop the attackers, term by term. Their motto is to defend the goal and to stop their goals by different defending techniques. There are various sports betting handball sites and also brokers.

Usually both teams have to score at least 20 goals it is not so common to score more than 30 goals in a game by both teams. This game was started in the 19th century in the northern Europe. Modern rules was published in the 20th century in the Germany and then revised further for many times. Women handball teams are also introduced and got a huge success in many championships.

This becomes an international game and people of different age groups have several clubs to enjoy this game. First international group played the handball in 1925 and 1930 with a number of rules which must be followed to play this game. This game also makes it position in the Olympics and added so much changes to makes it more interesting and entertaining. Women handball team was added in 1976 in the summer Olympic. In Olympics, sports betting handball is strictly prohibited. This is an indoor game and as well as an outdoor game. There are many different federations for making the rules and also manage to handle them in various championships.

Some rules of the game are mentioned below:

  1. Player can shoot or pass the ball after receiving it and they can also keep this as possession.
  2. In the case of dribbling, player can take up the three steps for three seconds and also can possess the ball and dribble it.
  3. Is the player is in the goal area then the ball may not passed back to the goal keepers. This rule is applicable when there is any position of goal.

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