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snooker betting tipsSnooker is a cue sport and is played on the table. This game is played over the table cover with green baize or a green cloth. There s pocket on the table on each end and in the middle of the team there is a long side cushion. Size of the table is regular for every snooker table. Regular size of the table is 11 ft 8 ½ inches x 5 ft 10 inches. These tables have the common size of 12 x 6 ft.

There are 22 balls on the table of the snooker and is played on the cue. Balls on the table are known as the snooker ball and have particular color. There are 15 red balls and is pointed on each end. There are yellow balls (2 points), green balls (3 points), blue balls (5 points), brown balls (4 points), black balls (7 balls), and also have pink balls. There is also a white cue ball on the snooker table. Red balls are placed in the triangular form initially on the table. Other colored balls are placed in the marked positions and those marked positions are known as spots. This game is played with a cue. Cue is a long stick of wood and has initial point with a perfect finishing and is also executed. There are very much popular sites for the sports betting snookers.

Cue ball is hit by the help of cue and players must have to execute a stroke. Points are scored by striking the red ball and other colored balls by potting them. player must have to strike hardly so that the ball is knocked into the pockets. A correct sequence is important to make more scores and to win the game. If opponent make or commit fouls then a player receive the additional points in such cases. Individual games are also played for one entertainment.

You must have to score more points than your opponents. A player won the match when a predetermined number of frames are collected by him or her. This sport is invented in the Jabalpur, India by the officers of the British army. This is also very popular in many English countries due to the craze in the sport betting snookers. Commonwealth countries have a unique position of this game and various championships and competitions also hold spread this game. There are many top professionals players of snooker and by attaining the multi million pounds. This is the career earning game and also very famous in the high societies. This sport becomes very popular in China. There are many premiers hold for the tournament of the World Championship. There are annual championships in the Sheffield in England.

This is the game originated in the 19th century. This is developed by the British army officers in the Billiards stationed in India. This is developed in the Jabalpur in India. There are many modifications formed in the modern snooker game. This is also famous as the Pyramid pool and Life pool. Objective of the game is to make more points by potting the object balls by the opponents. Balls have unique position on the pool or on the snooker table and also great audience due to sports betting snooker.

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