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soccer football betting tipsSoccer is began in the 19th century as a people game and is become very popular in the medieval times especially in England. That time soccer was played with the ad-hoc pitches. Teams were made by different villages, factories, organizations, etc. Sports betting soccer are very normal especially in English countries.

There are 10 players and one goalkeeper according to the traditional rules of team. 10 are outfielders and the goal keepers are substituted on the bench of the pitch. In a match there are only 3 substitution are allowed with the 5, 7, 9 players on the benches. This rule is always followed during the official matches.

Official are of forty five minutes long and there is a 15 minute break during the match. Scores are considered as goals and one goal is counted when ball cross the goal area with the entire circumstances.

There are several types of equipments are used in the football like jersey or shirt, shorts, shin pads, socks, etc. both teams have different equipments on the pitch. Football remain same during the full match and sometimes during the world cup.

Soccer is so famous now a day that expectation of the people is increasing day by day. Soccer attract the people due to interesting watch. It becomes interesting season to season. It doesn’t consider as the most beloved game every time but it matters nothing all the time. Sports betting soccer is very much famous due to easily availability of the betting pokers.

Soccer is the most famous game in the present time. It is also known as football. This game is famous in every country and people are crazy about this game. This game is full of weird and amazing facts which are truly fascinating. This is the game which is enjoyed by everyone. There are also many online sites are available for the sports betting soccer.

Some weird and strange facts about the soccer are given below. These are as follows:

  1. Soccer or football firstly originated from Britain. This is the most played game of the world and also famous due to its unique and team friendly nature.
  2. The first world cup was held in 1930 in Uruguay.
  3. In the first world cup of Uruguay, money skull is used by wrapping it in the leather and papers as a football.
  4. Diego Maradona is just 16 years old when made his first debut for the Argentina.
  5. Shirt number 10 is so famous due to the debute of Diego Maradona and thus it is the most prestigious number in the soccer world.
  6. Number 10 shirt jersey was worn by the legends of the game and still the custom is repeated again and again. Some of the legends are like Pele Zico, Mario Kempes, Michel Platini, Zinadane Zidane and of course Maradona is also including in all these legend.
  7. Before 1913, goalkeepers of soccer are not alloweded to wear colored uniforms of soccer. Other teammates can wear the soccer colored uniforms.
  8. In 1918, it becomes the Olympic sport.
  9. World oldest club for the soccer is Sheffield FC.
  10. Ronaldinho was just 13 years old when he made 23 goals for his youth team. And that time, they won the game by 23:0 and beat the opposite team.

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